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    “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” ~Scott Adams
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The Saint

Three o’clock, Tick tock, tick tock, All children sleeping, In bed like rocks, For that is best, That they should rest, On Christmas Eve, And safest, lest, Should Nikolaus find one, Awaiting fun, Eyes wide open, Mind a run, He’ll take them forth, To polar North, To his employ, To work thenceforth, For games on … Continue reading

Adventure All

We finally did it. My wife and I just returned from a two week trip around Ireland last week. We landed in Dublin and visited Galway, Dingle, Blarney, Kilkenny, Wicklow, and of course spent a good deal of time in Dublin. It was beautiful, albeit a bit cold and snowy (not a common thing in … Continue reading

Thanksgiving, by Chance

Story posted here It was Arthur Tea and his two children, Gabriel and Kuai, the neighbor man Zenith Thomas, the old Chinese man Liu that the twins had come to know as their grandfather, and a traveler named Scoffield huddled close about the little table. Arthur had always tried his best to make Thanksgiving a … Continue reading

The Land of Oz – Chapter 1

In Which We Meet the Girl D “D, come out here. I need to talk to you.” She rose from her bed and walked to the door. D, whose real name was Dana, was a young girl of sixteen years and stood at five feet and seven inches tall. She had long black hair down … Continue reading


Waste a little time with me I said, and meant it See, here, in the expanse Of time unsettled, unpaved, uncharted And many other un’s alike We know not the expense of time The spending of time like dollars ‘Til there’s only pennies left behind Change it seems, is all there was Everything changes they … Continue reading

The Wonders of Being Listed

In my attempts to drive more attention to my site, I’m working at getting listed on several blog directories. One of these, that I must say lists Neil Gaiman’s blog and thus makes me excited to be a part of it, is Technorati. As part of their human checking requirements, I must post a unique … Continue reading

The Land of Oz – Prologue: The Hist’ry of Oz

‘Twasn’t long ago When the house fell down The sky turned black The bright sun drowned But it fell on the Witch The wicked witch indeed Saved the munchkins true Filled a mighty need A hero labeled girl Dorothy, her name Wanted only home Naught any game Took the yellow road To the city Emerald … Continue reading

Adventure in Publication

I’ve done it! I finally submitted my first bit of writing to a literary magazine. Zahir Tales, to be exact. I’m very excited about the whole thing. It would be wonderful to get published. I have no assurance it will be published, of course. I have eight to ten weeks to wait to find out … Continue reading

Season Fade

And on the sidewalks eternal Stretching endless into horizons burning The children play as summer pure Fades into autumn The games they play hurried Like the grasping hands of a dying man haunted Holding onto the last remaining hours glowing Of freedom most true A freedom unobstructed wild By academics and higher knowledge maturity And … Continue reading

the human condition

its raining in my head today and i’m not in my proper mind through flashing colors and beating rhythms i have lost my head along the way a steady thrumming crosses my path and i’m more apt to dance around the meandering way i do these things cryptically i ready myself for touchdown and steel … Continue reading